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Environmental study

Understanding the environmental impact of a product or project through Life Cycle Assessment

Simplified Carbon Assessment (ECS) - AO CRE


A question about the carbon footprint in the context of AO CRE?

Kapstan supports manufacturers throughout the AO CRE carbon footprint process :

Carbon footprint calculations

CRE4 and PPE2

Supply chain optimization

 and linking with appropriate suppliers

Documents collection and verification

required for Certisolis  ECS certification and 

LCA realization for each step of PV module production  :

Siemens et FBR processes

Polysi purification

mono and multi-crystalline

Ingot casting and pulling

Diamond wire from M6 to M12

Brick cutting and wafer slicing

PERC, HJT and Topcon

Cell manufacturing


Module assembling

Life Cycle Analysis

Existing LCA formats:

Environmental Product Declaration (EPD)

FDES /PEP-Ecopasseport
Equivalent to the EPD for France.
Used for RE 2020

Product Environmental Footprint (
EU LCA method
Compulsory certification in the future for all PV modules and batteries sold in Europe.


Kapstan is specialized in renewable energy production (solar panels, wind turbines) and storage (cells and batteries) LCA .

LCA study

EPD, PEP or PEF methodology

A recognized experience

More than 40 products validated according to the various existing standards

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Power plant carbon footprint

Would you like to know the carbon footprint of your plant?

Using the Life Cycle Analysis method, we model the impact of the plant during its construction and throughout its life. This study makes it possible in particular to calculate the carbon footprint per kWh (kgCO2-eq/kWh).

PV power plants

Multi-energy plants 
(PV, wind, storage).

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