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carbon footprint

Understand the environmental issues of today to better integrate them into your business strategy of tomorrow.

Measure and reduce your carbon footprint

Why doing your company's

carbon footprint assessment?

To calculate all the greenhouse gas emissions of your activity in order to have a precise idea of its carbon footprint 

To co-construct an action plan to reduce the long-term impacts of the company's activities on the environment.

UP TO 60%


Your company's carbon footprint
Identify the main sources


Your emissions over the long term by taking action

Raising awareness and integrating

Employees in your approach


On the approach and the progress made


Carbon Footprint Calculation

Methodology developed by ADEME to quantify the impact of the activities of a company or a territory on climate change.

This diagnosis is based on one year of activity and presents all the emissions sources with the aim of identifying levers for reduction action.

Atelier de sensibilisation

Educate your employees on the theme of  climate change and its challenges through a Fresque du climat workshop.

Raising awareness is done through a serious collaborative game where participants co-construct a fresco summarizing the climate change mechanisms as explained in the IPCC reports. 

Plan d’action

Based Carbon Footprint results, let's reflect together on the action levers to be put in place in the company in the short and long term.

The objective is twofold: to reduce the impact of activities on the environment and to improve its climate change resilience .

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