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PV development support

Kapstan intervenes where expertise is not represented internally.

Yield study

Accurately estimate 
the PV plant production

A producible study is an estimate of the electricity production expected from a photovoltaic power plant, which is essential for the development of the project's financial plan.

At Kapstan, we have developed specific expertise for this need. We pay particular attention to the following topics 

Choice of weather base

bifacial modules

Calculation of 
P50, P90 and P99

Module purchase support

Our added value


supervised module purchases 

Factory quality audits in Europe and Asia
   In-depth knowledge of AO CRE carbon footprint constraints

AO CRE & Carbon footprint application

  • Analysis of offers received

  • Risk analysis for each carbon footprint value

Purchasing support

  • Drafting of the consultation

  • Analysis of offers

  • purchase agreement contract

  • Negotiation support

Factory audits

  • Document review

  • Traceability

  • Flashing & EL control

  • Visual inspection

  • Verification of quality tests

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Reverb study

“A project located less than 3 km from an aerodrome must be the subject of a reverberation study
(or glare)."

The General Directorate of Civil Aviation (DGAC)

Kapstan has developed a tool to rule on the annoyance induced by the reverberation of the modules towards the pilots:


Find an installation without risk of discomfort and avoid special anti-glare glasses.

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